Welcome to the Radical Reformation Bibliography Project

This site is a research portal into radical reform in the sixteenth century. In 1962, Hans-Joachim Hillerbrand published a bibliography on Anabaptism that sought to be as exhaustive as possible and updates were compiled in 1975 and 1991. While Dr. Hillerbrand’s compilation is an invaluable tool for Anabaptist research, two decades of further research demand a new update. As an electronic tool this project strives not only to provide an update but also to be continually added to as new research comes out.

The plan is to include Hillerbrand’s work exhaustively while also consulting other indices and bibliographies. When this initial work is complete, the project will be crowd-sourced and moderated to make available the largest possible base for newer and more accurate records while at the same time providing a consistency needed for future research.

The scope of the bibliography is the Radical Reformation up to 1630, including primarily Anabaptism and also Münster, the Peasant’s War, Evangelical Rationalism, Müntzer, Karlstadt, Spiritualism, the nascent Baptist movement in its association with Anabaptism, and others that might be deemed 16th century religious radicals beyond the mainstream of Protestantism. It is hoped that the information here will become a first stop for Radical Reformation research, excelling in exhaustiveness, breadth of sources and accessibility of essential information.

While the project will begin modestly with bibliographical information, the aim is to eventually have tagged keyword, abstracts and information regarding the availability of rare sources.

Scope and Method

Bibliographical records will be given it the Turabian format. Names will be listed as in the publication except where these are not known or available to the editor. In such cases the full name in the database will be used.
The initial work was compiled through original research, with Hillerbrand’s work later consulted for exhaustiveness, thus not repeating his endeavor. However it is here decided not to include individual articles from the Mennonite Encyclopedia or Mennonitisches Lexicon at this time. A future feature will be to include the numbers of items given in the Hillerbrand Bibliographies.
When the project becomes open for crowd-sourcing, all entries will be welcomed that fit within the projects scope–whether additional items not yet included in the bibliography, additional information on existing entries, or even corrections on facts or spelling. All responsibility for the accuracy of the information remains at the hands of the editor.

Peter Coleman is an independent researcher of the Radical Reformation. He earned his M.Div. in Church History & Historical Theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and is currently pursuing opportunities for Ph.D. studies.
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